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Bangladesh Customer Bought 1 set High Voltage Tester from Pego
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  • The Micro-Max Technologies is a Bangladesh company. They have enquired 1 set 30KV high voltage tester from Pego on Nov. 2016. After confirming all the details with Pego through skype about half a year, they decided to purchase the ac dc high voltage from Pego this year.

    Details of the High Voltage tester as below:

    Withstand voltage tester is applied to the fields of household appliance, motor, lighting appliance, compressor and etc. to test the break voltage, leakage current and other electronic safety performance. The tester meets the requirements of IEC60335,IEC60598 and IEC60950.

    Model  RK2674B
    Output voltage  AC:0-30KV; DC:0-30KV
    Leakage current AC: 0-2/20mA; DC:0-2/20mA
    Transformer Capacity 2000VA
    Wave sharp 50Hz/60Hz sine wave
    Accuracy of voltage ±5%
    Accuracy of current ±5%
    Time setting 1s~100h
    Power consumption 30W
    Power AC 220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz