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RST Procures 3sets Contact Resistance Tester from Pego
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  • Rotary Switchgear and Testing Pte Ltd (RST) is a famous company from Singapore which established in 1982 and specialized in engineering, installation, maintenance, Testing & Commissioning of Electrical Equipments range from Medium Voltage to High voltage. Our first cooperation with RST is in March, they bought 1 set Oil Insulation Tester from Pego. Considering our good quality in products and good service on sale and after sale, RST comes back to us and purchase 3sets Contact Resistance Tester from Pego this moth again.


    Insulating oil tester

    PG-502 insulating oil tester is developed according to the standards of IEC60156, ASTMD1816, ASTMD877, BS5874 and etc.

    Contact Resistance Tester

    Contact Resistance tester is used to test the contact resistance of circuit breaker or high current cable contacts. It’s designed according to IEC62271.