50Hz Vibration Tester
  • Product class: Products Environment Test Chamber
  • Product describe:50Hz vibration tester
  • 50Hz Vibration Tester 
    1. Introduction
    Vibration tester is applied to test the ability against the vibration during the production and shipment for electronics, motor, package and etc. This equipment can do the low frequency vibration test, vibration resistance test and reliability test, and find the resonant frequency.

    ● Test table size (mm): 350*400*25 (L*W*H)
    ● Test load: 40KG
    ● Frequency: 50Hz
    ● Amplitude:1~5mm
    ● Position: vertical
    ● Waveform: sine wave
    ● Working voltage (V): 220V±20%, 50/60Hz
    ● Current (MAX):5A
    ● Power consumption: 1.5KW
    ● Required temperature: 5℃~55℃