B22(d) Lampcap Go Not Go Gauges
  • Product class: Products Gauges
  • Product describe:B22 lampcap go gauge, not go gauge

  • B22(d) "Go" and "Not Go" Gauges
    Designed according to IEC60061-3:2004, third-lab certification authorized by CNAS on request. 
    ● 70006-10-8:“Not Go” Gauge for B22 Caps on Finished Lamps 
    ● 7006-11-8:“Go” Gauges for B22 Caps on Finished Lamps
    ● 7006-4A-2: Gauges for Testing the insertion of Caps in B22 Lampholders
    ● 7006-3-1: Acceptance Gauge for B22d Caps intended for Automatic Wire Threading
    ● 7006-19-2“Go” Gauge for Cap B22d -3(900/1350)/25*26 on Finished Lamps