BS1363-2 Plug and Socket Gauge
  • Product class: Products Gauges Plug_Socket Test Equipment
  • Product describe:BS1363-2 Plug and Socket Gauge
  • BS1363-2 Plug and Socket Gauge
    1. BS1363-2 Fig1 Test Pin
    2. BS1363-2 Fig2a Apparatus for mechanical strength test on resilient covers
    3. BS1363-2 Figure 2b Hardwood block for figure 2a
    4. BS1363-2 Fig11 Go gauge for socket contacts
    5. BS1363-2 Fig12 Contact test gauge
    6. BS1363-2 Fig14 Non-contact test gauge
    7. BS1363-2 Fig15 Turning moment gauge
    8. BS1363-2 Fig16 Withdrawal pull gauges for effectiveness of contact
    9. BS1363-2 Fig18 Apparatus for flexing test
    10. BS1363-2 Fig19 Solid link for test on fuse clips
    11. BS1363-2 Fig23 Apparatus for pressure test
    12. BS1363-2 Fig29 Calibration jig for calibrated link
    13. BS1363-2 Fig30 Test plug for temperature rise