BS1363-1 Plug and Socket Gauge
  • Product class: Products Gauges Plug_Socket Test Equipment
  • Product describe:BS1363-1 Plug and Socket Gauge
  • BS1363-1 Plug & Socket Gauge
    1. BS1363-1 Fig 1 Test pin
    2. BS1363-1 Fig2a. Apparatus for mechanical strength test on resilient covers
    3. BS1363-1 Fig2b Hardwood block for figure 2a
    4. BS1363-1 Fig5 Gauge for plug pins
    5. BS1363-1 Fig 7 Mounting plate
    6. BS1363-1 Fig8 Plug pin deflection test apparatus for resilient plugs
    7. BS1363-1 Fig9 Apparatus for abrasion test on insulating sleeves of plug pins
    8. BS1363-1 Fig10 Apparatus for pressure test at high temperatures
    9. BS1363-1 Fig11 Go gauge for socket-outlet
    10. BS1363-1 Fig 17a Test apparatus for temperature rise test
    11. BS1363-1 Fig17b Dummy front plate for temperature rise test
    12. BS1363-1 Fig 19 Solid link for test on fuse clips
    13. BS1363-1 Fig 23 Apparatus for pressure test
    14. BS1363-1 Fig24 Apparatus for ball pressure test
    15. BS1363-1 Fig 29 Calibration of calibrated link
    16. BS1363-1 Fig32 Apparatus for tests on plug pins
    17. BS1363-1 Fig33 Apparatus for torsion test on pins