CC&CV DC Power Supply
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  • CC&CV DC Power Supply
    1. Introduction
    PG series power supply is special designed for standard lightsoure, it is a high stable and linear power
    source, with the features of high stability, accuracy, and current adjustable.

    2. Parameter
    ● Input Voltage: AC220V±3%,50/60Hz
    ● Output voltage(DC): 0.005V~30.00V(3010),0.005V~50.000V(5010),0.0005V~300.00V(30005)
    ● Output Current(DC): 0.005A~10.00A(3010),0.005A~10.00A(5010),0.005A~5.00000A(30005)
    ● Voltage drift: (±0.01%reading+1mV)/3mins
    ● Current drift: (±0.01%reading+1mA)/3mins