• E27_lampholder_go_not_go_gauge
  • E27_lampholder_go_not_go_gauge
E27 Lampholder Go Not Go Gauges
  • Product class: Products Gauges
  • Product describe:lampholder gauge, not go gauge
  • E27 Lampholder "Go" and "Not Go" Gauges
    Designed according to IEC60061-3:2004, third-lab certification authorized by CNAS on request
    ● 7006-25A-2: "Go" Gauge for Lampholders E27
    ● 7006-21-5: Gauge for testing protection against bulb-neck damage and for testing contact-making in lampholders E27
    ● 7006-22A-4:Gauge for Testing contact-making and protection against accidental contact during insertion of lamps in lampholders E27
    ● 7006-22B-1: Gauge for detecting side-contacts with ctting-edges in lampholders E27
    ● 7006-22C-1:Gauge I for checking side contact resiliency in lampholders E27
    ● 7006-22D-1: Gauge II for checking side contact resiliency in lampholders E27 
    ● IEC60238 figure 11: test cap for tests of insulation resistance, electric strength and temperature rising.
    ● IEC60238 figure 5: test caps
    ● IEC60238 figure 14: test caps for lampholder E27