EMI Test System
  • Product class: Products EMC&EMI Test System
  • Product describe:EMI test system completely meet the requirements of CISPR16-1, GB17743, FCC, EN55015 and EN55022.
  • EMI Test System (KH3939/KH3935)

    KH3939 EMI receiver is an automatic AIO equipment, fully meet the demand for disturbance power test of power line. And work with artificial network can do the disturbance power test. KH3939 has the features of stablibity and operability, the data can be output by USB Conveniently. The equipment can connect with external device, like printer, mouse, keyboard. And built in high-capacity hard disk, which can save a lot of files. Adopts windows system, users can operate it easily. As KH3939 receiver can work alone without other control appliances, it solves the problem of the interference source. The system completely meet the requirements of CISPR16-1, GB17743, FCC, EN55015 and EN55022. 

    2. Configuration
    1) EMI receiver (mainframe): 9kHz-300MHz(KH3939), 9kHz-30MHz (KH3935), KH3939 includes EMI conduction test and radiation disturbance test. KH3935 is for radiation disturbance test.
    2) Artificial mains network (LISN,10A): Artificial mains network provides a stable impedance at radio-frequency region, and isolates the EUT from high-frequency interference, then coupling the disturbance voltage to the receiver.
    3) Attenuator: Attenuator protects the receiver from transient impact.

    3. Parameters
    ● Frequency range: 9kHz-300MHz(KH3939), 9kHz-30MHz (KH3935)
    ● Frequency resolution: (9kHz ~ 150kHz): 30Hz; (150kHz ~ 30MHz): 1kHz; (30MHz ~ 300MHz) : 10kHz
    ● Frequency stability: 10-6
    ● Input Impedance: 50Ω
    ● Test pattern: AVG, QP, PK
    ● Insertion Loss: 10dB+-1dB
    ● Current(max):10A
    ● Terminal voltage measurement range: 0dB ~ 120dB(S/N=6dB  1mV=0dB)
    ● Sweep bandwidth: 200Hz, 9kHz, 120kHz
    ● AIO machine, Windows XP system, can connect with keyboard and mouse, USB port to output the data.

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