IEC60695-2-10 Glow Wire Apparatus
  • Product class: Products Electrical Safety Tester
  • Product describe:The glow wire tester is designed according to IEC60695-2-1 and IEC60695-2-13.
  • Glow-Wire Test Apparatus
    The equipment is designed according to IEC60695-2-10, UL746 and GB/T5169.10. The specific material and sharp heating wire is heated to specific temperature (550 ℃~960 ℃) for 1 min by max current, then vertical burns the EUT with certain pressure (1.0N)  for 30s, then check if the test specimen and bedding material are burning, and count the burning time to judge the dangerousness of the specimen. Generally it is applied to test flammability, GWIT and GWFI of lighting lamps, electronic products and household appliances The equipment is applicable to flame resistance test of all levels of QC departments and corresponding enterprises.

    ● Glow wire temperature: 500~1000℃±2℃
    ● Glow time: 0-999.9s±0.1s (auto record) 
    ● Burning time: 0-999.9s±0.1s (auto record)
    ● Flame Chilling time: 0-999.9s±0.1s (auto record)
    ● Thermocouple: Φ0.5mm, K type
    ● Glow wire: Φ4mm nichrome wire
    ● Pressure on test specimen: 1N±0.2N
    ●  Depth: 7mm±0.5mm
    ●  Test speed: 14mm/s