• IPX5_IPX6_Jet_Hozzle
  • IPX5_IPX6_Jet_Hozzle
IPX5 & IPX6 Jet Nozzle
  • Product class: Products Environment Test Chamber
  • Product describe:IEC60529 IPX5 & IPX6 jet nozzle, ipx5 hose nozzle, nose nozzle, jet nozzle, ipx5 jet nozzle, 6.3mm nozzle, 12.5mm nozzle
  • IPX5 & IPX6 Jet Nozzle
    1. Introduction
    The IPX5 & IPX6 Jet Nozzle is strictly designed according to the standard IEC60529 and GB4208 figure 6.

    2. Parameter




     Nozzle diameter



     Pressure gauge


     Water discharge

     12.5±0.625L/min, adjustable

     100±5L/min, adjustable

     Distance between nozzle and the enclosure


     Test time

     More than 1min/m2 and 3mins