LCR Digital Bridge Meter
  • Product class: Products Electrical Safety Tester
  • Product describe:LCR meter, digital bridge
  • LCR Meter
    1. Introduction
    LCR Meter is mainly test the parameters of inductance (L), capacitance (C), resistance (R), Q-factor (Q) and loss angle (D). The high accuracy and resolution are greatly improve the reliability. This equipment can widely used in factory, college and lab for accurately test.

    2. Parameter



     Test parameters

     L-Q, C-D, R

     Test level range


     Test accuracy


     Test range



     1kHz: 0.1μH~999.9H

     10kHz: 0.01μH~99.99H



     1kHz: 0.1pF~999.9μF

     10kHz: 0.01pF~99.9μF







     Test Speed


     Equivalent circuit

    series connection,parallel connection

     Power supply