PA100A UL Finger Test Probe
  • Product class: Products IEC61032 Test Probes
  • Product describe:Designed according to UL507 figure 9.2 (PA100A), UL1026 figure 6.2 (PA100A), UL1278 figure 8.3 (PA100A).
  • PA100A UL Test Probe
    UL507, UL982, UL1278, UL1062, UL1310, UL474, UL60065

    2. Description:
    This is the "UL" test finger, researched and designed by UL and required by most UL Standards. Palm simulator and restricted joint movement simulates human finger movement. It’s made of nylon. Bell-Core accessory available. The handle is made of nylon. The finger is made of stainless steel.

    3. Technical parameter:
    1) Test finger length: 234mm
    2) The bending part length:30/30/40mm
    3) Reference standard: UL507,UL982,UL1278,UL1062,UL1310,UL474,UL60065