PA130A UL Accessibility Test Probe
  • Product class: Products IEC61032 Test Probes
  • Product describe:Designed according to UL1278 (PA130A), UL1026 (PA130A) and UL507 (135A)
  • PA130A UL test probe

    1. Standards:
    This test probe is designed according to the standard of UL507, UL1278and UL1026.

    2. Product description:
    It’s used to testing accessibility in accordance with many UL Standards. The handle is Delrin and the 
    tip is stainless steel. 

    3. Technical parameter:
    Rigid Finger length: 101.6mm(4 inch) 
    Rigid Finger diameter:φ12.7mm(1/2 inch)
    Head length: 14.3mm(9/16 inch)
    Head Radius:R4.8mm(3/16 inch)
    Tail Diameter:19.1mm(3/4 inch)