IEC60065_Dielectric_strength_Test Instrument
IEC60065 Dielectric Strength Test Instrument
  • Product class: Products Mechanical Equipment
  • Product describe:he equipment is designed according to IEC60065 and UL1310
  • IEC60065 Dielectric Strength Test Instrument for Electrical safety testing
    1. Application

    The equipment is designed according to IEC60065 and UL1310, It’s mainly used for testing thin-layer insulation material electric strength. Stand part of the test device using the whole structure, made of 304 plate material processing. To improve the insulation board and creepage dielectric properties, surface brushed polished, bottom bracket the minimum distance from the edge of >35mm, the altitude of 2000 meters designed to meet the strength test requirements of 12KV.

    2. Parameter 

    Item Technical index
    Metal Pole Diameter
    Metal Club Weight
    Max. Measure Range
    Max. Strength
    <12KV (altitude below 2000m)
    Creepage Distances
    IEC60065, GB8898,UL1310