Discoloration Test Chamber
  • Product class: Products Environment Test Chamber
  • Product describe:Discoloration test chamber is designed according to ASTM-D1148, AATCC16-1998, HG/T 3689 and etc.
  • Discoloration Test Chamber
    1. Introduction
    Discoloration is a kind of aging phenomenon, it is may caused by light ray, ultraviolet, heat exposure, oxidation, strength, moisture, impurity and others. The discoloration test chamber adopts the bulb or tube and heat controller to simulate the nature environment, the white or light-colored specimens to be tested for discoloration are exposed to UV or UV/visible radiation periods of time, then to check the degrees of the color change of the specimen. The equipment can meet the requirements of ASTM-D1148, AATCC16-1998, HG/T 3689 and etc.
    2. Specification
    ● Outer material: 1.2mm cold-rolled sheet with stoving varnish
    ● Inner material: 1.2mm stainless steel #202
    ● Insulating material: Polyurethane foam
    ● Inner size (mm): 750 (H)*600(W)*500 (D)
    ● Outer size (Mm): 1550 (H) *1050 (W)*900 (D)
    ● Capacity: 225L
    ● Temperature: R.T.~80℃
    ● Timer: 0~999h
    ● Controller: P.I.D.
    ● Lightsource: UV tube *1 piece
    ● Turntable: for specimen
    ● Weight: 120KG