IP5/6X Dustproof Test Chamber
  • Product class: Products Environment Test Chamber
  • Product describe:Dustproof test chamber, environmental chamber
  • Dustproof Test Chamber (PG-SC)
    1. Introduction
    Dustproof test chamber is designed according to the standards of GB/T10485-2007, GB2423.37-2006 test L, GB208-2008, IEC60529 (IP code), GB7001-1986 and etc. The dustproof test chamber is mainly used in IP5X and IP6X testing about the leakproofness of the enclosure.

    2. Feature
    1. Adopts LCD color display and touch screen. The PLC is made by Panasonic.
    2. The shell of the dustproof test chamber adopts 3042B stainless steel.
    3. Sand and dust: Dry powder,portland cement paste and etc.
    4. Temperature control: adopt RKCDC temperature controller, 5~60℃ adjustable.
    5. Safety device: leakage protection, overheat protection

    3. Parameter






     Working dimension(mm)





     Working power

     AC 380V±10%, 50Hz

     Temperature range


     Time range


     Dust concentration


     Working condition

     Temperature≤25℃, humidity:≤85%R.H.

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