IEC60695-11-2 Single Wire & Cable Vertical Flame Tester
  • Product class: Products Electrical Safety Tester
  • Product describe:The Wire Vertical Flame Tester is designed according to IEC60332-1 standard.
  • Single Wire & Cable Vertical Flame Tester

    The Single Wire & Cable Vertical Flame Tester is strictly designed according to IEC60332-1, GB/T18380.11-2008, GB/T18380.12-2008 etc. Stainless steel screen with a sliding burner support for approaching or moving back the flame from the sample under test according to the IEC standards for test on cables.


    Flame standard IEC60695-11-2, 1kw norminal pre-mixed flame
    Burner tube IEC60695-11-2 Figure A
    Burning Angle 45°
    Thermocouple Type K (Ni/Cr-Ni/Al), 200~1050°
    Thermocouple size Φ0.5mm
    Temperature range 0-1000
    Flame height 20mm ±2mm to 190mm ±1mm, adjustable
    Inside dimension 300*450*1200mm (0.16CBM)
    Outside dimension 600*450*1450mm