G13 Go Gauge for Bi-pin Cap on Finished Lamps 7006-45-4
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  • Product describe:go gauge, g13 go gauge, 7006-45-4, iec60061-3 gauge
  • G13 Go Gauge for Bi-pin Cap  on Finished Lamps 7006-45-4

    The G13 go gauge is designed according to IEC60061-3 standard figure 7006-45-4, it's made of stainless steel and each one equipped with a third-party CNAS calibration certificate which accepted by ISO17025 Lab.

    Purpose: to check dimensions E max,, F min, F max, and the combined pin diameter and displacement of pin (including bosses) of bi-pin caps G13 on finished lamps.

    Testing: the pins of the caps on finished lamps shall enter the gauge at surface O and, when fully inserted, the surfaces of cap and gauge shall contact. In this position the end of the pins shall be co-planar with or project beyond surface X, but shall not project beyond surface Y. Each individual pin shall enter hole e1 at surface O until the face of the cap and the surface of the gauge contact.