G13 Go Not Go Gauge for Unmounted Bi-pin Cap 7006-44-4
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  • Product describe:go not go gauge, g13 go not go gauge, 7006-44-4
  • G13 Go and Not Go Gauge for Unmounted Bi-Pin Cap 7006-44-4

    The G13 go not go gauge is designed according to IEC60061-3 standard figure 7006-44-4, it's made of stainless steel and each one equipped with a third-party CNAS calibration certificate which accepted by ISO17025 Lab.

    Purpose: to check dimensions E min, E max, F min, G max, H max, and the combined pin diameter and displacement of pins (including bosses) of unmounted bi-pin caps G13.

    Testing: the pins of the cap shall enter the gauge at surface O and, when fully inserted, the surface of cap and gauge shall contact. In this position the ends of the pins shall be co-planar with or project beyond surface X. Each individual pin shall enter the hole e2 until the boss of the pin and the surface of the gauge contact, but they shall not enter hole e1. The boss of the individual pin shall enter hole b at surface O until the surface of the cap and the gauge contact.