Goniophotometer with rotating Mirror
  • Product class: Products Goniphotometer
  • Product describe:C-type goniophotometer with rotating mirror is completetly meet the requirements of CIE70 and LM-79.
  • C-Type Goniophotometer with rotating Mirror (PG-3000)


    C-type goniophotometer with rotating mirror  is completetly meet the requirements of CIE70 and LM-79. During the test, the lamp under test is keep burning, and keep the lamp stationary to decrease the error caused by airflow. The goniophotometer is applied to test all kinds of luminaire, like HID, LED, CFL,incandescent lamp and so on. The test parameters include luminous intensity distribution curve, effective light emitting Angle, beam angle, total luminous flux, zonal luminous flux, upward luminous flux, downward luminous flux, lamp effeciency, isolux diagram, isocandala diagram, utilization factor, lumiance limit curve, glare, max allowable distance ratio, UGR uniform glare and etc.  All the data can be saved as IES, PDF, excel, LDT, CIE and TM14 files. 

    1.PG-3000 C-type goniophotometer with rotating mirror, includes: 
    ● rotation console with Japanese branded servo motor, has features of low noise and stable. 
    ● Balanced optical reflect mirror 
    ● Angle acquisition control system
    ● Constant temperature photo-detetor (photometer head) 
    ● Clamps for all types of lamp
    ● Double channel linear laser aligning device
    ● Cabinet: equip with 17 inch LCD touch screen to display angle, luminous intensity data, temperature 
    ● English version software: output LCC, IES, LDT, TM4, CIE files 
    2.High accuracy AC power supply 
    3.CC&CV DC power supply 
    4.Digital power meter 
    5.Luminous intensity standard lamp
    6.Computer and printer: prepare by user 

    7.Lab design diagram: seller will provide lab design according to buyers' site.