High Frequency Current Source
  • Product class: Products Lamp Test Equipment
  • Product describe:high frequency reference ballast
  • High Frequency Reference Ballast
    1. Introduction
    High frequency current source is applied to high frequency fluorescent lamp such as T5 tube, power frequency fluorescent lamp such as T8/T12 tube and ballast manufacturing. Equip with the high frequency digital power meter, it can makes the HF tube test system.

    2. Specification
    ● Input voltage: 200V~240V 50/60HZ
    ● Input power: 150W
    ● Output current: 100mA-600mA (adjustable)
    ● Output current stability: setting value± 0.5%
    ● Total harmonic distortion: THD<2.5% (HF current wave)
    ● Output Frequency: 23~26KHz (meet the requirements of GB/T10682-2002 and IEC60081:1997)
    ● Output frequency stability: show value± 0.3KHz
    ● Working environment: 0~40℃  R.H.: 85%