Impulse Voltage Generator
  • Product class: Products EMC&EMI Test System
  • Product describe:impulse voltage generator
  • LSG-255 Impulse Voltage Generator
    1. Product information
    The impulse voltage generator has a no-load wave shape corresponding to the 1.2/50μs standard impulse specified in IEC 61180-1. 
    This generator is in line with the requirements of IEC 60335 and IEC60950 standard, which can be used to detect the transient over voltage of the components and the electrical clearance and the creepage distance.

    2. Technical Parameters:
    1) Open output voltage: 12KV (max)±5%
    2) Frontier time: 1.2μs ±30%
    3) Half-value time: 50μs ±20%
    4) Output polarity: positive, negative, positive/negative automatically
    5) Output impedance (optional): 2Ω,500Ω±10%;12Ω,500Ω±10%
    6) Times: 1~9999 times
    7) Surge interval: 3~999s
    8) Working environment: 15℃~35℃ (temperature), 10%~75% (humidity)
    9) Working power: 220V±10% AC, 50/60Hz
    10) Dimension: 470mm*260mm*500mm (W*H*D)
    11) Weight: 35KG