AC/DC Insulation and Voltage Resistance Tester
  • Product class: Products Electrical Safety Tester
  • Product describe:Insultaion voltage resistance tester, insulotaion withstand voltage tester
  • AC/DC Insulation & Voltage Resistance Tester (RK7112)

    1. Introduction
    Insulation and Voltage Resistance Tester is a kind of electric safety test equipment, widely used in the fields of transformer, equipment, components and etc. to test the performance of insulation and voltage resistance. The equipment can give an alarm at current and resistance, and have 5 groups momories.

    2. Parameter






     Test voltage


     AC:0-5KV, DC:0~6KV



     Leakage current




     ±(2%SV+1 count)

     Output Voltage



     ±(2%SV+1 count)

     Test resistance






    ±(5%reading+2counts) DC: voltage≥500V
    ±(7%reading+2counts) DC:Voltage<500V

     Test time


     Output frequency

     50Hz/60Hz (optional)


     Single phase 47~63Hz, 115V/230V AC±15% (optional)

     Front Panel

    Input: Test/Reset; Output: pass/fail/test/process

     Memory groups

     5 groups





     With RS232/PLC port