IEC60360 Lamp Cap Temperature Rising Test chamber
  • Product class: Products Electrical Safety Tester
  • Product describe:Lamp cap temperature rise test system is according to IEC60360-1998 and GB2512-2001.

  • Lamp Cap Temperature Rising Test Chamber
    1. Introduction
    Lamp Cap Temperature Rising Test Chamber is according to IEC60360-1998 and GB2512-2001 (Standard method of measurement of lamp cap temperature rise). It's used to test the working and environmental temperature as well as temperature-rise of the burner and lamp. It meets the requirements of IEC and GB standards.

    2. Parameter
    ● Channel sequence is displayed by 2 LED and temperature is displayed by 4 LED, simultaneously display temperature rise curve
    ● Sensor: K type thermocouple and 8 channels for input temperature signal
    ● Temperature range: -40~300°C and testing accuracy: Class 0.5
    ● Capable of circle monitoring, single monitoring printing and RS-232-C commnication with PC
    ● Freely set up for channel sequence when circle monitoring
    ● Application software in Windows can track the changing of the selected channel temperature and provide print and save operation
    ● Dimension of standard testing box: 90x90x90cm (inner box) and 130x130x115cm (outer box), or customized; Lamp holder: E14, E27, E40, B22d, G23, GX23, 2G7, 2G11 and other holder