Portable Colorimeter
  • Product class: Products Lamp Test Equipment
  • Product describe:Portable colorimeter, colorimeter
  • Portable colorimeter (HPC-2)
    1. Introduction
    HPC-2 Colorimeter is a portable equipment which can test wavelength, color temperature, chromaticity coordinate, CCT,color rending index, SDCM and etc. Portable colorimeter is widely applied in productions of LED, HID and CFL, and greatly improves the test efficiency. The data can be output by connecting with computer.

    2. Parameter
    ● Wavelength: 380nm-780nm
    ● Accuracy: ±0.5nm
    ● Repeatability: ±0.2nm
    ● chromaticity coordinates(x,y,u,v): ±0.0025
    ● Resolution: 0.0001
    ● Correlated color temperature: 1500-25000K
    ● Accuracy:±3%
    ● Resolution: 1K
    ● SDCM accuracy: ±0.2 (underilluminant A)
    ● Interface: USB (with software)