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Unjointed Test Finger (IEC61032 Test Probe 11)
  • Product class: Products IEC61032 Test Probes
  • Product describe:Test probe 11, Rigid Finger Probe, IEC61032 figure 7, iec test probe
  • Test Probe 11 (Rigid Finger Probe)
    1. Introduction
    The test probe 11 (rigid finger probe) is designed according to IEC61032 figure 7 and UL clauses. This probe may be used to verify the protection of persons against access to hazardous parts, and to verify the mechanical strength of openings in the enclosure or internal barries.

    2. Parameter
    ● Diameter of test finger: 12mm
    ● Length of test finger: 80mm
    ● Diameter of baffle: 5mm
    ● Thickness of baffle: 5mm
    ● Strength range: 0N, 0-50N or 0-75N
    ● Material: insulating material, metal