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  • probe_19
Φ5.6 Small Finger Probe (IEC61032 Test Probe 19
  • Product class: Products IEC61032 Test Probes
  • Product describe:IEC test probe 19, children test finger, children finger test probe
  • Test probe 19
    1. Introduction
    It is designed according to IEC61032 figure 13. This Probe is intended to simulate access to hazardous parts by children of 36 months or less.

    2. Parameter
    ● Diameter of probe: 5.6mm
    ● Semidiameter of probe: 2.8mm
    ● Length of probe: 44mm
    ● Diameter of first handle: 25.9mm
    ● Length of first handle: 101.6mm
    ● Diameter of second handle: 25.4mm
    ● Length of second handle: 464.3mm
    ● Material: Insulating material (handle), probe (metal)