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Jointed Test Finger (IEC61032 and IEC60529 Test Probe B)
  • Product class: Products IEC61032 Test Probes
  • Product describe:Test probe b for IP2X testing, jointed test finger, standard test finger
  • Test Probe B for IP2X testing
    1. Introduction
    Design according to IEC61032 figure 2, meet the requirements of UL507, UL1278 figure 8 and EN60529 figure 2. This probe is intended to verify the basic protection against access to hazardous parts. It is used to verify the protection against access with finger.

    2. Parameter
    ● Diameter of finger: 12mm
    ● Length of finger: 80mm
    ● Diameter of baffle: 50mm
    ● Length of baffle: 100mm
    ● Material: Insulating material (baffle and handle), metal (finger)