Salt Spray Test Chamber
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  • Product describe:Salt spray test chamber, Water salt spray test chamber
  • Salt Spray Test Chamber
    1. Introduction
    Salt spray test chamber is applied to measure the reliability of the EUT against salt-spray corrosion. Salt spray chamber is to simulate the climate near the sea, there are two kinds of test according to different standards (JIS, ASTM, CNS, GB), neutral salt mist (NSS) and acidy salt spray test (CASS). The salt spray test chamber can meet the requirements of the both.
    Principle: Absorb the salt water by Bernoulli principle, and the salt water will be atomized by nozzle symmetrically, no block, no crystallize. The heater in the chamber keep the temperature.

    2. Parameter






     JIS, ASTM, CNS and GB standard

     Test chamber capacity (L)




     Test Chamber Temp.

     NSS. ACSS 35±1/CASS 50±1

     Air Cylinder Temp.

     NSS.ACSS 47±1/CASS 63±1

     External/Inner Material

     PVC & PP

     Safety Devices

    Overheating prevention circuit-breaker, dehydration and overheating prevention mechanism, breakdown indicator light

     Test Chamber Size









     AC 220V, 1.5KW, 50Hz

     AC220V, 3KW, 50Hz

     Spray Quantity



     Salt 6.5-7.2, Cu(CHCOOH) 3.0-3.2