IEC60068-2-27 Shock Test Equipment
  • Product class: Products Environment Test Chamber
  • Product describe:It is designed according to IEC60068-2-27 Ea: shock and MIF-STD202F.
  • IEC60068-2-27 Shock Test Equipment
    The equipment is applied to do the shock test for small specimen, like electronic components and PCB. It is designed according to IEC60068-2-27 Ea: shock and MIF-STD202F. 

    Testbed, control system, acceleration sensor (with cable), waveform generator (sine wave), cable, air supply system.

    ● Max load: 3KG or customized
    ● Dimension of testing jig: 200mm*250mm or customized
    ● peak acceleration range: half-sine wave, 150~20000m/s2 or customized
    ● Duration of the pulse: half-sine wave, 1~20ms or customized
    ● Waveform: half-sine wave
    ● Waveform tolerance
    a)Duration≤3ms, the tolerance of peak acceleration is ±20%, the tolerance of duration of pulse is ±15%.
    b)Duration>3ms, the waveform tolerance is within the standard requirement.
    ● Velocity change tolerance: ±15%
    ● Dimension of testbed: 1000mm*750mm*2400mm
    ● Weight of testbed: 1500kg
    ● Power consumption: 0.3KVA
    ● Working condition
    a)Power supply: 220V±10%, AC50Hz
    b)Temperature: 0~40℃
    c)Humidity: ≤90%