Temperature Logging_Meter
TP-X Multiplex Temperature Logging meter
  • Product class: Products Electrical Safety Tester
  • Product describe:Multiplex temperature Logging meter, multiplex temperature meter
  • TP-X Multiplex Temperature Logging Meter
    1. Introduction
    TP-X multiplex temperature logging meter has supper big LCD display and U-disk interface, which is convenient to display and save the data. It's a good equipment to monitor the temperature of several points at the real time.

    2. Parameter
    ● Upper and lower limit set for sound alarm, super big LED displays multiplex channel data, USB interface available for data saved in U disk directly.
    ● Channels of temperature input: max 8 groups, and 8 channels for each group
    ● Type of thermocouple: T type and J type for special order (normally up to 300 degrees, special order for higher temp.)
    ● Live test: 500V
    ● Temperature test range: -100~1000℃
    ● Accuracy: 0-1000℃: ± (reading*0.5%+1)℃; -100-0℃ (reading *0.52% +2)℃
    ● With anti-interference function
    ● LCD display
    ● Capacity of logging, print interface
    ● Freely check the channels sperately
    ● Equip with software to record the change curve of the chosen channel, and can print and save the report